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My Reaction Paper for Noli Me Tangere free essay sample

The title of this novel Noli Me Tangere is a Latin words meaning in tagalong â€Å"HuwagMo Akong Salingin†. Jose Rizal, our national hero is the writer of this novel, where in, thisnovel was written during his time, where in, the exact year was 1884, he was in Madrid taking upmedicine when he write this novel. When he finished his course (Medicine), he went to Paris andcontinue writing this novel. In Berlin , Jose Rizal finished the last part of this novel.This novelwas written to remind us the bad things that Jose Rizal experienced during his time by theSpanish. From the very start of this novel, the first plan of our  national hero is, to  write this novelwith the help of his countryman that is also suffering to the hands of the Spanish, but suddenlyhe failed to do it with the help of his countryman, because his countryman loose their hope infulfilling their dreams to have freedom in the hands of the Spanish colonies. We will write a custom essay sample on My Reaction Paper for Noli Me Tangere or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Jose Rizal, did notgive up, because he continue write this novel without the help of his countryman, and he decidedto write it by himself only. The first chapter of this novel was entitled â€Å"the paging†, where in, inthis chapter stated the lifestyle of Don Santiago de los Santos also known as Kapitan Tiago, hewas from Binondo and he was the step father of Maria Clara according to this chapter. In thischapter, the other characters was Padre sibyla, Padre Damaso, and Tenyente Guevarra.According to this chapter, kapitan tiago invited the said characters to go to his house and have asimple gathering, but suddenly it came to a fight between Padre Damaso and Tenyente Guevarra  because of the ereheng namatay. Padre Sibyla stops the rivalry between the two. The secondchapter was entitled â€Å"Ang binatang si Crisostomo†. Where in in, this chapter, Kapitan Tiago  present Don Crisostomo Ibarra to the priest, the son of his deceased friend named Don RafaelIbarra.

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Relationship between man and woman an Example of the Topic Psychology Essays by

Relationship between man and woman Relationship between man and woman and their complications, this is the theme of the three texts Why I want a wife by Judy Brady, Love must not be forgotten by Zhang Jie, and In the end, we are all light, by Liz Rosenberg (1986). The first text is a satire of the roles of wife as ideally enumerated by the author. The second is an exploration of representation, gender, sexuality, and female autonomy (Gillette, 2003). In the last text, the status of love and sacrifice between man and woman is emphasized. Among the three texts however, Bradys work is most effective in conveying her thoughts about relationship and roles between man and woman in marriage particularly. Need essay sample on "Relationship between man and woman" topic? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed University Students Often Tell EssayLab professionals: How much do I have to pay someone to make my paper in time? Essay writers suggest: Rely On Our Help In Essay Writing Best Essay Writing Service Pay For Essay Reviews Write My Assignment Cheap Essay Writing In "Why I Want a Wife," Brady (1993) offers criteria for an ideal wife, which could be both hypothetical and real. Situations and obligations of a wife were narrated mockingly explaining why would a man want for a wife after separation from one. The presentation was done bluntly underlying a sarcastic definition. The language used has a satirical edge highlighting both the authors emphasis on certain modifiers (indicated by italics) and in the surface structure of the sentences, which belies the underlying criticisms. The criticism was done without exactly saying that the treatment is wrong rather it was implied as the list of work expected in a wife goes on. Through this writing technique, Brady was able to connect to the readers her views and stand on the societal expectation among women in general as they enter marriage. Furthermore, the writing technique proved to be efficient in drawing all possible connotations and denotations of how society in general defined womens role in ma trimony. Though not explicitly described, the author also allowed the readers to see what is lacking in the portrayed relationship. Working on the theme of gender roles in marriage, the author enumerated and illustrated the flaws of the common belief, norms and standards of treating women in societal institutions. The author of the Why I want a wife did not try to deny the sarcasm she clearly feels on the issue of gender roles and obligations in the society. This and other societal issues on women were collectively and effectively presented in this single simple rhetorical work. Given the effective use of language, theme and content, Brady was able to connect to the reader in a manner that anyone who happens to read the text can analytically realize the depth of the issues covered in the text without even questioning the validity of the context in time frame. The issues explored in the text can bridge the time consideration. What is true then is also an issue at present. This among others is the reason why the text had managed to come in several reprints from the time when feminism is still fresh up to the present times. Having the imagination to discuss feminist concerns, which stands through time, gives the text its appeal among the readers through time. The theme has been universally considered in context such that using language in her own technique, readers in any part of the world can relate to the issue being presented. Love must not be forgotten by Zhang Jie is culturally defined, hence will not be appealing to other parts of the world. Without prior knowledge on the cultural setting of the text, Jies work is not universally applicable. The poem In the End, we are all light, by Liz Rosenberg is a clear manifestation of love as a factor in the existence of relationships between man and woman. The choice of theme, approach, content and form differentiated the text from the other two texts. Bradys satirical approach effectively calls the attention of the readers to consider the issues presented. Reference Brady, J. Why I want a wife. Literature for Composition, (Third Edition). HarperCollins Customs Books., 1993 Gillette, M. Judith Farquhar. Appetites: Food and Sex in Post-Socialist China. China Review International, Vol. 10, 2003 Rosenberg, L. In the end we are all light. The Fire Music: University of Pittsburgh Press. 1986

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Unnecessary Sacrifice Essays - Abortion, Fertility, Free Essays

Unnecessary Sacrifice Essays - Abortion, Fertility, Free Essays Unnecessary Sacrifice Just as we wonder how past civilizations could be so barbaric as to practice sacrifice, future generations may wonder how our society could be so barbaric as to sacrifice even the unborn. Thus abortion should not be made legal. Because it is not determined when the fetus inside the mothers womb becomes an actual human being, it cannot be determined when abortion actually becomes murder. Until it can be determined when the fetus becomes an infant it should be considered murder at any point during pregnancy termination. Why do the largest percentage of abortions occur? Because childern are irresponsible. Stupid, little, baby, girls start fooling around and OOPS... they end up pregnant. Of course they are not ready for the responsibility of caring for a child or they just do not want that responsibility. In a lake near a university unborn baby remains were found. Girls attending the university who have had abortions dumped the fetus remnants in the lake. Murder is against the law. Lack of responsibility is becoming a growing problem in America. What will future civilizations think when they find baby remains? Abortion is a barbaric practice in which lives are taken, therefore abortion should not be made legal.

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Risk & Risk Managment in ERP Systems of Microsoft dynamics GP Essay

Risk & Risk Managment in ERP Systems of Microsoft dynamics GP - Essay Example The system is beneficial to an organization because it performs a wide range of activities (Sumner, 2000). However, application and implementation of the enterprise resource planning system face various risks in organizations. Therefore, proper management of risk is vital for effective use and implementation of the ERP management system. Risk management is essential for the identification of possible risks that may affect the ERP system, strategic planning for activities with few risks and efficient mitigation of risks. The risk management process comprises of several phases as highlighted by Aloini et al. (2007). These stages include context analysis, identification of possible risks, risk analysis, risk evaluation, treatment of risk and communication and consultancy. According to Sumner (2000), there are various predominant risk factors that face organizations during the implementation and execution of activities using the enterprise resource planning system. Major risk factors identified during implementation of the ERP system include skill mix, software system design, management strategy and structure, organizational fit, user training and involvement, social commitment, project management and technology planning. Findings from research carried out on risk factors present in ERP systems reveal that organizations face several risks. The first risk factor identified is failure to redesign effectively or restructure business processes to fit the ERP software. Project managers in the organization apply their experience to avoid customization. Failure to customize of restructuring various business processes in the organization results in a conflict between the ERP system and the company. Consequently, the project executed may collapse and fail to achieve its objective. Secondly, organizations face a risk factor of having insufficient reskilling and

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Education High School Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Education High School - Article Example In this respect, education is not imparted by the teacher but should be developed by giving activities which enables students to think. The article stresses that so often, students are given the materials containing the information which they should memorize robbing them of the time to really develop their mental abilities. In essence, the article emphasizes that the role of the teacher is to "elicit from the pupil what is latent" in every human being and this is the rule of reason. Instead of being sausages, it sees pupils as oysters and the teachers duty is for the finest pearls to develop from within. With my current point of view, the article is an eye-opener for me. Having believed all my life that students are empty sausages where education is filled in throughout their lifetime, I must say that reading the article shows learning in a new light. To be honest, it came as a shock because I have always believed that teachers do really have to infuse knowledge that students should absorb. However, a deeper probe makes me realize that in learning, the student take a more active role than the teacher. Thinking things through, I agree with the article that knowledge should not be stuffed but should be elicited from the pupils. As the article stresses, each of us has the latent ability to reason. Every born individual has a functioning mind when he is born and should be developed as he matures. When a child reaches three years old, I have observed from my experience that he can give reasons to defend himself when his behavior is questioned. Even though this behavior is repressed in some societies, the child still learns to reason and defend his actions even to elders. This personal observation makes me realize that yes; each of us has the ability to reason which should be the most important tool in acquiring all the knowledge that through our interaction with the teachers. Eliciting knowledge from the student then calls for a unique way of teaching and learning. In the part of the teacher, eliciting knowledge then becomes much more complicated than just assigning readings and books for the students to read. I believe that Plato has modeled the classic way of bringing out and refining the reasoning skills of an individual through dialectic. In this method, the teacher asks the students probing questions which makes them think and rethink. Having been in the time where Sophists are the influential teachers, this method has been repressed by the society. However, this type of knowledge cultivation produced two of the most influential thinkers that we know today, Socrates and Aristotle serving as a proof that this method works. And I believe that this teaching method can still be applied in today's world. However, I also have concerns with the advancement of technology which now provide more avenues for the students to learn. If technological development can be utilized in such a way that it does not solely present the information that one needs but will nurture a pupil's ability to think and analyze, then it will be most efficient.

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Anna M. Kerttulas Antler on the Sea Essay Example for Free

Anna M. Kerttulas Antler on the Sea Essay In her book, Antler on the Sea, Kerttula discusses how Soviet government policies aimed to integrate the northern peoples of the USSR in reality helped the groups to maintain their identities as they defined themselves in opposition to one another. According to Kerttula, in Sireniki, the very system that sought to control and homogenize difference reinforced it (155). Kerttula illustrates the extent to which much of the native culture has survived the Soviet period. This trend is particularly prevalent as Kerttula progresses through her descriptions of Yupik, Chukchi, and Newcomer lifestyle and practices. The development of collective group identity and cultural transformation among northern indigenous peoples in the Soviet Union was heavily influenced not only by the structure of the Soviet system but also by the provoking of oppositional relationships between the groups. Kerttula effortlessly explains the interrelationships of the many opposing forces: tundra and sea, Yupik and Chukchi, natives and newcomers, and old and new ways in the North. These relationships were based on prior cultural forms, symbols and meanings but as a result of Soviet influence, local cultural boundaries were transformed and the ensuing dialogue of difference was encouraged. As Kerttula asserts, it is the we/they dichotomy that for many anthropologists defines an ethnic group (152). The Soviet state, with its ideological, political and economic goals, changed the structure of the interactions between local and immigrant groups, but was unable to change the cultural content of their discourse. According to Kerttula, historically the Yupik, Chukchi and Russians had very limited contact with one another. Prior to forced relocations and settlements that occurred with collectivization, the Yupik lived at Sireniki and met with the Chukchi occasionally for the limited purpose of trade (123). After collectivization the three groups were forced to live in a single locality and thus new dynamics and an increased frequency of interaction changed the ways that the Yupik, Chukchi, and Russians (Newcomers) worked together. As Kerttula points out, the cultural definitions and descriptors of the three groups were not always in agreement; quite often they clashed. For example, Kerttula generalizes on the Newcomers feelings of superiority to the Yupik  and Chukchi. Accordingly, this attitude of superiority was intensified by the physical separation of the three groups, both at their place of work and in their free time (152). It was the Newcomers familiarity with the Russian social structure that in fact led to this so-called superiority (152). Similarly, the Yupik and Chukchi view one another as, for instance, receiving favoritism in their language instructions at the local school. Parents are cited as believing the other group to be receiving better instruction: The Chukchi complained that there were more Yupik lessons than Chukotkan, and Yupik parents complained that the quality of the Yupik lessons were substandard (154). Unlike the Nivkhi described by Grant, the Yupik and Chukchi do not express a feeling of culturelessness. As both groups have been able to maintain dominant aspects of their traditional lifestyle, the sense of loss seemed to be felt to a lesser degree (although they did lose language and the freedom to hunt whales). The Yupik could remain defined primarily by their affinity for and connections to the sea while the Chukchi could remain defined primarily by their affinity for and connections to the tundra. Modernity within the community of Sireniki was integrated in a way that was advantageous for the people. As Kerttula points out however, instead of questioning the governments socialist tactics, most looked more locally to the others in the community (151, 153). These collective identities enabled the Yupik, Chukchi, and Newcomers to accept Soviet designated social and economic conditions by infusing these conditions with their own cultural knowledge, making them meaningful and reproducible. Kerttula captures the disharmony tolerated by indigenous people in the Soviet period as they retained their own beliefs and customs while adapting to altered environments and economic change. As Kerttula reiterates many times, modernity has brought many unexpected and unwelcome changes. Most importantly, the state has used the discourse of modernity to once again portray indigenous peoples in a way that suits their needs as an administrative body. Instead of looking to the heavy restrictions enforced by the Soviet system, the people of Sireniki focused their discourse on each other and looked to each other as being a source of some of their problems (155). Toward the end of her book, Kerttula points out a fundamental problem in the collective group definitions: if the groups defined their identities in opposition to one another, what happens to those who married cross-culturally? In her discussion of possible division within the community into different associations, this problem came to the forefront. As one of Kerttulas informants asks, to which association would the child of both Yupik and Chukchi parents belong? (152). Theoretically the three groups existed separate from the other two. In reality though, intermarriage and the creation of friendships were relatively common inter-ethnically. The individual cultures were not only subjective, but also laden with political and social questions of identity and personhood (151). What makes the case at Sireniki unique is that three distinct cultural groups were essentially forced to live together in relative peace while each simultaneously sought to prolong and promote their own traditional practices and beliefs. Kerttulas investigation and analysis is of how collective identities were facilitated among the two indigenous groups and one immigrant group in order to maintain their cultures in the face of rapidly changing social and material circumstances (153).

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SWOT Analysis of Fosters Group Strategy in Greece

SWOT Analysis of Fosters Group Strategy in Greece Fosters Group is focusing on better strategy to acquire profit in the liquor industry after being saturated in the domestic market. In this assignment I mentioned all the main factors of Fosters for entering in new market. I have selected the Greece market for the assignment . Greece is a big alcohol market; Fosters planned to export Penfolds Bin 407 wine to Greece. This assignment covers all the internal and external analysis done with the help of PESTLE analysis etc. Another tool is SWOT analysis which covers Fosters companys information about the strength, weakness, opportunities, threats. The another main part of this assignment is marketing strategies which have all the information how Fosters product exported to Greece and which strategies implemented and how consumer behaved in that particular market .Swot analysis was conducted to check the assumption and forecasting sales to be made once the product is launched in the Greece. Contents INTRODUCTION: Fosters Group is a top multi-beverage company which delivers a selection of beer, wine, spirit, cider and non-alcohol beverages. Penfolds is famous brands for dry red table wine of Fosters Groups. The product which selected for exporting to Europe is one of the Bin range- Bin407. The Penfolds Bin-407 Cabernet Sauvignon is a multi-district mixture mostly from the south east to South Australia- specially, the Limestone Coast (including Connemara and Robe) and Bordertown. With a portfolio of over 100 brands, operations on five continents and a history stretching back 160 years, weve built something unique at Fosters. We are a global premium branded drinks company, delivering beer, wine, spirits and ciders to millions of consumers every day. From Penfolds to Beringer, Fosters Lager to Victoria Bitter, we produce the labels that consumers have learnt to trust since the 1840s. Our winemakers and brewers are today developing the innovative new products that will tap consumer trends in the years ahead. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, Fosters employs over 6,000 people and our products are sold in more than 155 countries worldwide. The market which has been selected is Greece and aiming all the wine drinkers especially people whose age are above 25. The reason behind choosing wine for exporting to Greece which is known as the market of alcohol is very large and as there is no age limit of drinking, wine can be very handy product for export. Greece is one of the worlds great tourist destinations. Greece is frequently welcoming arround 12.5 million visitors a year. Total wine consumption in Greece is14,919 million litres. Consumers are quite open-minded about innovation and new products and this is providing costant growth for New World Wine. (group, 2010) SWOT ANALYSIS: STRENGTH Brand name is the main strength of Fosters. Every alcohol consumer in whole world knows what Fosters is, in other word Fosters is internationally very well-known brand and Penfolds is one of the famous brand of Fosters in the market. Fosters has huge range of product such as beer, wine, spirits, cider, pre-mixed product and non alcoholic, with its differentiates group of interested Fosters tend to spread its awareness and now have acquired 30 different trademarks under its name. Fosters is the one of the largest companies which delivers its products and services to more than 150 countries. Exporting to so many countries is hard task but having an operative distribution channels gives strength. As exporting to more than 150 countries Fosters has retained strong turnover in current years with high market shares in comparison to its rivals. Growing at this rate, Fosters will soon acquire no. 1 position in alcohol industry. One of the key strengths of the Fosters is its differentiated price range. Having almost at all prices Fosters have targeted all segments of the market from medium class to premium class, anyone and everyone can enjoy Fosters product. (synodinou, 2003) Political issues are strongly affected marketing decisions.These include environment consists of laws, government agencies and pressure groups that influence and limit various organisations and individuals in given society (Kotler, et al, 2001:138). political environment are enjoyed at very early stage and its growing economy has enhanced business assurance over the last decade, leading to significant overseas investment.(refers to APPENDIX) The economic environment contains elements that affect consumer purchasing power and spending patterns (Kotler, et al, 2001:132). Current income, Consumption, Savings and Credit are buying strength of a human. GDP of Greece is à ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ ¬117 billion or à ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ ¬11.700 per occupant, which is ex.treme below average to European nations which in turns gives devolpment level weak. Economically, National level as well as on an individual level,they have a limited(weak)IST. Greece has entered the European Monetary Union (EMU) since January 2001, the actual flow of the common currency before one year, and this in turn affect profit by probably exchange rate, this indicate economical issues which diversify its exchange rate which are control its import and export activities (synodinou, 2003). WEAKNESS: The major weakness for fosters is that they have not lime lighted their other product as beer. Even today mostly everyone knows fosters name because of its very famous beer. Other product like wine, spirit is not encouraged well. The wine club and services of Fosters were not recently performed well, this cause negative impact on the profitability of its wine business. Fosters have very good name in the world but it still lack to get a position amongst international competitors as they mainly focused on brand building and marketing in latest years, Fosters lack brand names amongst its competitors such as EJ Gallos eponymous Californian wines. Fosters serve more than 150 countries but study shows that they have not determined on a particular market in recent year to export premium wines. (synodinou, 2003) OPPORTUNITIES: By evaluating the pestle framework (refer to appendix) of Foster the following opportunities were evaluated which are described as follows, refer to appendix: Although Fosters have certain weakness but they have lot prospects to cover all these weakness. As alcohol and food goes accurate on all the occasions. They can serve peanuts, nut etc. with the beer and make the combination to get bigger market share, so entering in food industry is main opportunity for Foster The wine intake in Greece is increasing in preceding years. Per capita feeding is 26 litres with 86% of the Greek people drinking wine 3.2 times per week. The character shows a big prospect to export the wine to Greece. Once the export of Penfolds is on youth stage the other opportunity for Fosters is to start shipping its other goods to Greece. This helps in increasing the gross revenue ratio and will capture the maximum market. Another opportunity for fosters is to create an awareness in health issues as research shows that red wine is good for health for ex.- improve coughs, low blood pressure etc, as making this an opportunity Fosters can promote their wine in Greece as Greeks are very health conscious. Greece is small wine producer. The local production is limited and the production cost is high, so Fosters can look for better exportation in Greece. Greek consumers take interest in imported wines. If the production goes higher then the whole setup will be developed in Greece and wine will be sold straight through Fosters retail where as 81% of wine imported into Greece is through wholesalers. Fosters Penfolds is good quality cabernet sauvignon wine where as it can be positioned between low prince and high quality. Penfolds can come in the range of middle price ranges products where anyone and everyone can buy the product. Wines are very economical in Greece. (RBrown, 2005) THREAT: By doing a competitive analysis of Foster with its competitors the following threat were evaluated:, Domaine Skouras, Emery S.A, Protopapas Winery, Minos cretan wines S.A, Santo greek wines. High rate of local rivals is the main threat of Fosters in Greece, fortunately the current production of wines in Greece is dropped but other players trying to make a position in the alcohol industry. Economy of the Greece is another main factor and the exchange rates which varies with the international act which straight affect the financial outcomes. In Greece, the entrance of new exporters can be a threat. As other companies from various countries can research on the market and can export products to Greece, a well-planned business strategy and plan can be very effective to overcome these threats. (Group, 2007) CONCLUSION: After all the analysis and the research it can be concluded that there are number of different area findings regarding fosters group to enter Greece market. The report is about macro environment factors of Greece. It also included the background of the Greece market. The report discusses the wine industry their major competitors and company analysis. Tools like SWOT analysis details the summary of Fosters strength weakness and analysis. This tool also helps in defining the advantages and disadvantages in entering the new market the new market. The major another part of the report is marketing strategies which cover all the information of the market selected and how fosters are going to enter into the market. In the last part of the forecasting and the profitability with the backup plan and how Fosters is going to monitor all this action plan. Hence it can be concluded that if fosters export Penfolds wine to Greece it will do extremely good and will increase the goodwill of Fosters in Greece. REFERENCES: Anon., n.d. Drinking in greece. [Online] Available at: http://www.greeklandscapes.com/travel/food_drinking.html. Fletcher, 2007. GMD euromonitor international. Group, f., 2007. global market information data base euromonitor. group, F., 2010. [Online] Available at: www.fostersgroup.com/about/overview.aspx. Ian Johnston, 2006. Relocating to greece. [Online] Available at: http://uk.businessesforsale.com/uk/relocating-to-greece.aspx. NARAYNAN, R.K., 2005. www.justgreece.org. greece travel guide. RBrown, 2005. GMD euromonitor international. Resnick, E., 2008. wine brand. palgrave macmillan. synodinou, D., 2003. Ag exporter.